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The Influence of Health Promotion on Behavior in Preventive and Treatment of Pulmonary Tuberculosis on Prisoner Grade I of Medan City


Introduction Pulmonary tuberculosis is recognized a directly infectious disease resulted by Tuberculosis bacterial  (Mycobacterium tuberculosa). The prison Administration of Medan pointed out that for 3 years period (2009-2011) got rising cases in Pulmonary  of those prisoners. One of efforts to press down is by prevention and overcome it on the prisoner is with a health promotion. Materials & Methodes :The objective of this study is to know the affect of health promotion over the  effort in prevention and the treatment of Pulmonary TB on prisoners in Medan. On the preventive group, total sample of each group of intervention and control noted 158 people. On the treatment group, total sample of each  group of intervention and control noted 58 people. In taking the sample is by simple random sampling. The variable to measure such as knowledge, attitude and action. The data was obtained by questionnaires that has been distributed before and after a health promotion held, then data was analyzed using t-dependent test. Result : The result of study on preventive group indicated an increasing score of knowledge found (p = 0.004), behave (p < 0.001), and action (p = <0.001) on the Pulmonary TB prevention on intervention group compared to a control group (p = > 0.05). On the treatment group also increasing score average of knowledge found (p = 0.017), attitude (p = < 0.001), and action (p = 0.025) on treatment of Pulmonary TB on intervention group compared to a control group (p = > 0.05). Conclusions:  It is found an influence of health promotion upon one’s attitudes (knowledge, behave, and action) for preventive and treatment Pulmonary TB on prisons available in Medan. 

Keywords: Behavior, Health promotion, Pulmonary TB

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