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Influence of Television Advertising in Promoting Mobile Telephone Network Products in Enugu State, Nigeria


This study analysed the influence of of television advertising in promoting MTN products in Enugu metropolis. The main objective is to find out if the residents of Enugu Urban Area have access to television, to determine the frequency of exposure of residents of Enugu to MTN advert messages on television, to examine the impact of MTN television advertisements on residents of Enugu Urban Area. The type of research design for this study is descriptive survey design. The population consist all the areas in Enugu State. They are: New heaven, Abakpa-nike, Ogui new Layout, Achara Layout and Independence Layout. The study presented that Advertising is without doubt a very important promotional tool, its importance can be understood from its ability to attract attention and having drawn customer’s attention, it provides information that can prompt them (consumers) to further actions which means that it encourages continuous patronage. The researcher recommended that MTN-NG should intensity efforts in nourishing good customers‟ relationship. There should also be growing movement towards integrating all the messages created by their various communication agencies and sent out by various departments within the company in order to achieve consistency. In order for MTN to prosper against its rivals, they have to be innovative and alert to whatever subtle move made by other competitors in order to continue occupying its leadership position.

 Citation: Nweze S., Ezaka S., Ewa-Ibe B., Nwigwe C.N,  Egwu C.N., Asogwa J., Chidi-Irem O.R., Isiani G.A.(2022) Influence of Television Advertising in Promoting Mobile Telephone Network Products in Enugu State, Nigeria, International Journal of Network and Communication Research, Vol.7, No.1, pp.14-32

Keywords: Advertising, Impact, MTN, Television, product promotion

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