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Effect of Computer Aided Learning On Business Education Students’ Performance in Keyboarding in Universities in Ekiti State, Nigeria


This study investigates the effect of Computer Aided Learning (CAL) on business education students’ performance in keyboarding at universities in Ekiti State, Nigeria. The research specifically aims to compare the performance mean scores of students exposed to CAL versus conventional teaching methods before and after treatment. A quasi-experimental design was utilized, involving pre-test and post-test assessments for both an experimental group (CAL) and a control group (conventional method). The sample comprised 200-level business education students from two randomly selected universities in Ekiti State. The study employed a self-designed Keyboarding Performance Test, which included sections for bio-data, objective items, and a speed and accuracy test. Validity was ensured through expert reviews, and reliability was confirmed with a pilot test yielding a Cronbach’s alpha of 0.82. Data analysis involved descriptive and inferential statistics, with t-tests conducted at a 0.05 significance level. Results indicated no significant difference in mean scores between the groups before treatment (t-cal = 0.203, P = 0.849 > 0.05), confirming homogeneity. However, post-treatment results showed a significant difference (t-cal = 32.002, P = 0.000 < 0.05) favoring the CAL group, with a mean score difference of 21.86. These findings align with existing literature, highlighting the effectiveness of technology-enhanced learning. In conclusion, CAL significantly improves business education students’ performance in keyboarding. It is recommended that universities in Ekiti State invest in ICT facilities and staff training to integrate CAL, fostering a more interactive and effective learning environment. This approach can enhance student performance and better prepare graduates for the modern workforce

Keywords: Business Education, Computer Aided Learning (CAL), Keyboarding, Performance

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