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Statistical Analysis on the Pattern of Some Selected Diseases Affecting Children of Under Five Years of Age (A Case Study of Grimard Catholic Hospital, Anyigba)


The aim of this research is to examine the evaluation of the pattern of some selected diseases among children of under five years of age in Grimard Hospital Anyigba, Kogi State. Utilizing data obtained from the medical records of the hospital to carry out Chi-square, relative risk analysis and Odd ratio analysis. It was easy to study the pattern of the diseases affecting children. Based on the outcome of the study, it was observed that the diseases are independent of both age and sex. This implies that the diseases affect both sex irrespective of their age. Based on the outcome of the study, the relative risk analysis showed for each disease, the extent of association in both sexes. The risk of the outcome is increased by the exposure in Malaria, measles and malnutrition. This implies that the children are mostly affected by Malaria, Measles and Malnutrition. The risk of the outcome is decreased by exposure in Bronchus pneumonia, Gastric Enteritis and Anemia. This implies that the children are not mostly affected with the aforementioned diseases. From the Odd ratio, it was established that the probability of the occurrence of the disease i.e. Malaria, Measles and Malnutrition is not equal to the probability of the occurrence of the other disease i.e  Bronchial Pneumonia, Gastric Enteritis and Anemia. The analysis recommend that adequate medical facilities should be provided and the federal government should improve the standard of living of its citizen and put more effort in the control programs and enlightenment campaign for immunization

Keywords: Chi-Square, Malaria, measles and malnutrition, odd ratio

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