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Influence of Social Media Among Youths in Abuja Municipal and Bwari Area Councils of FCT, Abuja


This study, the “Influence of Social Media among youth in Abuja Municipal Area and Bwari Area Councils of FCT, Abuja” was carried out to investigate the way social media influences the youth in AMAC and Bwari Area Councils of FCT, Abuja. The study adopted quantitative survey design with the questionnaire used as the research instrument for data collection. Data collected was analyzed using descriptive method while univariate frequency distribution tables, percentages and SPSS were used as statistical tools for data collection. Finding of the study revealed that social media platforms are used among the youth to a great extent as majority of them make use of the platforms at least more than twice a day. In the use of the platforms, Facebook endears the youth more for use compared to other social media platforms. The use of social media, therefore, influences the behaviour of youth to a great extent by making them cultivate the habit of living a flamboyant lifestyle. Finding however, revealed that the use of social media is challenged majorly by high data charges from the network providers followed by poor network, while unstable power and activities of Internet scammers are other challenges in the use of the social media among the youth. The recommended that policy makers should benefit from the youth’s interest in the social media in general and the Facebook in particular by using the platforms in reaching out to them (youth) on relevant policies/programmes that can impact positively on their lives in particular and the society in general. It further charged the youth to dedicate more time on the social media for the activities beneficial to them rather than merely posting personal photos and videos which have minimal impacts on their lives. The study concluded that social media is used among the youth and its utilization by this group of the people has tremendous impact on their behavior

Keywords: Abuja municipal, Bwari area council, FCT, Social media, Youths

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