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Exploring the Socio-Cultural Effects of Poor Parenting: An Appraisal of Ahmed Yerima’s No Pennies for Mama


Parenting is a cardinal part of social orientation and it plays a very critical role in a child’s developments and the character and traits that he forms during this process. Parenting is a guiding compass to engineer what the child eventually turns out to be in society and how he contributes to the society that he is in. This study examines the socio-cultural effects of the lack of proper parenting, using the drama, No Pennies for Mama by Ahmed Yerima. Through the lens of this drama, we are able to see these socio-cultural effects on the victims of lack of proper parenting. This study uses the content analysis methods of gathering and analyzing data. It finds that the effect of poor patenting has a dastardly devastating impact on both the child, his or her family and the society These children who are victims of poor parenting grow up with values that are both culturally and socially anomalous causing pain to both themselves, their families and society. This study recommends that would-be parents should learn the art and science of parenting before embarking on its journey, learning what works and what does not work. Dramatists should write more drama that emphasize the detrimental effects of poor parenting and they should be performed to audiences in as many cities as possible, so that people can learn to take parenting as seriously as it should be taken.

Citation: Oliogu, T.O. (2023) Exploring the Socio-Cultural Effects of Poor Parenting: An Appraisal of Ahmed Yerima’s No Pennies for Mama, International Journal of Interdisciplinary Research Methods, Vol.10, No.1, pp.15-28

Keywords: Development, Effects, Parenting, children, social orientation

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