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Bisexuality or Heterocurious: A Challenge for Sexual Education


In this research work, the situation experienced by married men with children who begin their bisexuality is analyzed through a case study, through a semi-structured interview with a 36-year-old man, in order to determine the factors that guide people to have sexual relations with other men, in secret, and the role that sexual education plays. Based on the information collected in the interview, it can be analyzed that even though we live in the 21st century, there are still many myths and paradigms about homosexual and bisexual people, due to the form of education, customs, religion and traditions that are transmitted from parents to children. On the other hand, talking about sexuality is a topic full of taboos, which prevents people from openly expressing their sexual desires and experiences, due to fear of being rejected and judged, due to the moral norms established in a society. For this reason, some married men maintain a secret erotic relationship with other men. In our case study, the subject’s first experience was under the influence of alcohol consumption, later manifesting the guilt syndrome. Religion is also a key piece in our study, because they live as heterosexual people, because custom and what dictates that a man must be with his woman, however, sexually they do not feel satisfied or have other fantasies that they cannot fulfill your partner, seeking that satisfaction in men with particular characteristics, such as: age, physical build, behavior, appearance, among other aspects. Eradicating discrimination and rejection towards bisexual people is not only a social problem but also a health problem. It is important to correctly educate the population regarding sexuality, seeing it not only from the reproductive side but also from all its other characteristics.

Keywords: Bisexuality, Education, Heterosexuality

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