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Larvaterapy: How To Manage The Diabetic Foot


The aim of this article is to analyze texts based on levels of scientific evidence, using a meta-analysis methodology through a systemic review. The search will be carried out using keywords that apply “larvatherapy”, “diabetic foot”, “ulcers”, “debridement” and “nursing”, focused on clinical practice by the nursing professional. The database and information sources consulted will be: Google Scholar, DOAJ, SciELO, Scopus, LILACS, PubMed. The collection of articles were those written in Spanish, with a span of 10 years, in which 15 articles with a direct relationship between the topics were evaluated, in order to increase the scientific production in research by nursing personnel and to resume the management of Larval Therapy as a treatment alternative, through its academic, professional and labor fundamentals. Worldwide, Diabetes Mellitus is considered an affectation with negative complications in the diabetic foot in which infections affect the prognosis of wound healing, where larval therapy is considered an alternative treatment, which avoids surgery and amputation in lower extremities, effectively helping the removal of necrotic tissue, formation of granulation tissue and rapid healing. The effectiveness of the treatment will depend on the pathogenic triggering mechanisms in the patients. The needs required by the population are increasingly scarce due to the high costs in the health sector in care and treatment, so it is important to consider Larval Therapy (LT) as an alternative to treatment, since it reduces the increase in hospital capacity avoiding infections associated with health care.

Keywords: Nursing, debridement, diabetic foot, larvatherapy, ulcers

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