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Interventions by Government and Non-Governmental Organizations towards Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and the Attitude Portrayed By the Pokot Community on Repressing FGM


In the efforts to terminate Female Genital Mutilation globally, in the recent years some religious authorities have openly opposed the continued practice of Female Genital Mutilation, at least the most radical operations. The paper aims at identifying some of the interventions by the government and non- governmental organizations undertaken to reduce the practice of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) in Kenya. It also seeks to examine the attitude of the West Pokot Community towards the measures taken by these organizations in stopping FGM. Focus was made in Sook Division of West Pokot County which was selected randomly out of the four locations in the District. A descriptive cross-sectional, qualitative research design was used due to the nature of the study as it inquired about people’s attitudes and feelings on FGM practice and interventions against it. The study considered 63 participants for interviews, all above 18 years; 9 key informants and 54 members of 7 Focus Group Discussions (FGDs) with between 6-10 participants. Interviews and focus group discussions were used to collect data. The study revealed divided opinions about Female Genital Mutilation among the Pokot. Most of the community members seem to be in favour of the practice, while others are against it. Government and the World Vision Organization are intervening against the practice in the region and most participants seem to have negative perception on the anti FGM measures laid down by the Government and the Non-Governmental Organization (NGOs). To help the community understand and change these cultural practices, there is need to involve other stake holders concerned with the FGM, these include the girls, parents, old women, men, traditional circumcisers with whom the government and Non- governmental organizations should work with.

Keywords: Community, Female Genital Mutilation, Government, Non-governmental Organization, attitude

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