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Philosophy: The Lynchpin of Scientism


The intellectual legacies of Bacon and Descartes, as well as the Newtonian scientific tradition undoubtedly brought about an era of natural scientific research anchoring its ideal on objectivity that led to scientism. This hyper-belief in science and the subjugation of philosophy (and other sources of knowledge) has given rise to a complex scenario and gap, created by the inability of science to address other cosmic issues including metaphysical ones. The hegemony of science which mostly derives from the dominance of science in economic and social fields owing to its technological progress and advancements, has created problems that threaten man and morality. The issue is, is science still interested in the good of man if his existence and morality are jeopardized? Is the claim for the sole mantle of rationality by scientism, and the equation of science with reason itself still valid, given the multifarious irrational scientific productions against life like abortion pills, weapons of mass destruction, etc? Has science solved and answered all problems? Is it a perfect discipline and the only source of knowledge? It is against this backdrop that this paper, through expository and critical analysis unveiled the ambiguity, complexity, and illogicality of this scientific claim for superiority (scientism), concluding that science is not superior, and not the only way of knowing reality, but mainly engages itself in proffering solutions to the hydra-headed problems of the physical world which is a part in a whole. Philosophy still reigns supreme and goes deeper to guide and checkmate the excesses of science in order to strike a balance, and unravel metaphysical realities that are beyond the scope of science.


Keywords: Man, Philosophy, Science, scientism, universe.

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