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This paper discuss the issue of price determination in the market created by Air pollution generated from outside and inside the nation Conventional theory of environmental issue (Ragnar Nurkse and AC Pigoue) is based on hypothesis that largest polluters suffers most than small polluters. Price of pollution is cost generated out of inside pollution (Ackermann-Liebrich). They believed that the ‘price of pollution’ (rate of pollution related illness and death and irrecoverable loss to environment) is equal to total amount of pollution of that country Such price is equal to pollution generated with in nation. In this paper I formulates certain principle that determine price of pollutions inside the country The thinkers conveniently rejected outside pollution induced price of pollution in the domestic price The rate of domestic price in less polluting nation is relates to the volume of air pollution penetrated from top polluting nations .. This shows that less polluting nation is to bear largest — price— of air pollution generated by big pollutes, The price determined by less polluting nation is always at under equilibrium .This means that cost bearded by less polluting nation is greater than that they actually have to undergone out of their own pollution and no compensation is received for bearing cost of other nation. A few thinkers’ tears on the consequences of environmental risks are not equally divided between the socio demographic groups within nation. Therefore identifying and focusing on risk groups is sensible risk assessment (Kamppinen) .Both Conceptual vs. Empirical methodology is used .In Less Polluting Nations, the amazing fact that I found is that, the content of toxic pollution in there is equal to Top Polluting Nations and also found that air pollution related illness or death is high is less polluted ones and price of pollution (cost undergone out of pollution) is greater than volume of pollution produced by them. This lead to conclude that air pollution particles produced in heavily polluted nations such as USA and China tend to less polluting nations such as Pakistan, Burma, and Afghanistan and impose health and environment crises artificially. In this crises the price is determined at level greater than what actually should have from the inside pollution This is due to peculiar nature earth rotation that push polluted air travels of more polluted to less polluted nations and rise price of pollution .At the same time no particles of pollution travels from less to more to more polluted nation because of motion low of air. More people from less polluted, most of whom were malnutrition is often falling victims of air pollution other nation and put forth new demand for compensation to victim nations

Keywords: Conductivity Effect of Nature (CEN), Excess Service Operation, External Surplus Effect of pollution (ESP Effect), Self-Generated Pollution (SGP), Shrinking Effect of Diseases Gap (SEDG), Surplus Pollution, Zero Conductivity Effect of Nature

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