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Is It Enough? Intensive Program for ESL Students


In most EFL classes, the four language skills are taught to help students learn a language efficiently. When these language abilities are taught using the appropriate method, the linguistic gaps of English language learners may be filled. This study aims to investigate the level of improvement of EFL students after finishing 13-week semi-intensive language courses that concentrated on reading, writing, and conversation skills. A pre-test and a post-test of the same kind were administered to 62 participants, first-year students in the English department at the College of Basic Education, to gauge their language development. The participants were given a questionnaire to fill so as to understand their viewpoints concerning the treatment phase. The results showed that the majority of students improved after concluding the language skills courses. Most participants believed in the importance of reading as the most effective language learning skill and found it quite interesting.

Keywords: EFL, Intensive program, Language Learning, Language Teaching, program assessment

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