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Mordern English Teaching Vs Employability


‘Employment’ has become the key word for modern day learners. Most of the parents sow a great investment for the higher education of their children with a motive that their children would reap in multiples of lakhs through a booming industry. But to their dismay, despite of under graduation and post graduation, the learner fails to gain the employability skills which the industry demands. People very easily find fault with the Indian educational Institutions when the employability ratio is not satisfactory, the demand for the institution comes down drastically, stating the institution fails to mould them as an acceptable employer. This paper analyses the reasons for the lacking behind of the learner, it discusses the role played by the institution, individual learner and society in general. The paper lists out the responsibilities to be shouldered to make our next generation learners skilled employers. The paper vividly pictures the demands of the employer or the industry, the skills which an employee is supposed to possess; hence the paper would become an eye opener for innumerable institutions to set their academic goals and to reframe their clichéd syllabi. The nucleus of the paper is to analyze the role of an English teacher in molding the learner as a successful employer

Keywords: Booming, Clichéd, Drastically, Nucleus

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