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Race and Gender: A Comparative Study of Indian and Black Sportswomen


The present study is an attempt to analyst the various forms of gender discriminations in sports among the International as well as National sportswomen. The history of women athletics goes back to ancient civilization; it is not a recent phenomenon. Women are occasionally forbidden from competing, which led them to create their own games. Sports have a universal appeal. It does not discriminate based on things like race, gender, caste, or color. Sports participation emphasizes both overall development and health. Men used to participate in most games, sports, and athletic events back in the day, but today’s women face, any restrictions, including those are physical, mental, social, cultural, and more.  Women have advanced significantly in many areas of life in the past century. Today, women can hold employment, own property, and play professional sports. Women in India are making every effort to hear in the male-dominated sports industry, even though you may not hear crowds for their goals or see media outlets devote all their primetime slots to covering their matches. We will trace how race and gender function in the society continue to be hampered by the absence of an intersectional perspective. The main aim of the research is to explore and analyze the critical situation, struggle, and psychological conditions of Indian and Black Sportswomen.

Keywords: Psychological, athletics, male-dominated, primetime, sports industry

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