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The Impact of Schoology on Students’ Reading Comprehension and Writing Skill for Senior High School


The objective of this research was to find out the process, the students’ response and the students improvement in reading comprehension and writing skill after learning narrative text by using Schoology E-learning Web at tenth grade of Senior High School. This research used classroom action research design. The researcher observed and gave treatment to improve students’ reading comprehension and writing skill. Furthermore, the researcher used observation sheet and documentation to collect qualitative data. Besides the researcher also used test which consisted of pre-test and Post-test for collecting quantitative data. As the result, the process of teaching narrative text by using Schoology e-learning web was more effective, interesting and enjoyable for the students. The students responded and did the tasks given immediately. Consequently, it influenced to their score achievement both in reading comprehension and in writing skill. The students’ mean score gained in pre-test on reading was 62.8 and writing skill was 55.8. In post-test 1, the mean score of reading comprehension improved into 77.2 and 71.5 on writing skill. The results of post-test 2 indicated the improvement of students’ reading comprehension and writing skill. The mean score of students’ reading comprehension improved into 83.3 and 76.9 on writing skill Based on the finding of this research, it can be concluded that the use of Schoology e-learning web during online learning period was successful to improve students; reading comprehension and writing skill particularly in narrative text at tenth grade of Senior High School.

Keywords: Narrative Text, Reading Comprehension, Schoology E-Learning Web, writing skill

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