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Over the past five to six decades, English language has enjoyed a very prestigious status in almost all Arab countries for several reasons: Education, Economy, Travel, International communication etc. However, since the advent of the so-called Arab Spring chaos, the author hypothesizes that English will be negatively affected specially in Arab countries living I such a pandemonium.

New leaders, it is assumed, shall try their best to get closer to the hearts and minds of the masses. An easier way to do so is to try to wear an Islamic Visage. In this Visage, English language will look weird. These leaders may find themselves obliged to copy certain extreme, close-minded samples of the ancient past to convey to the masses a message of authenticity. In this visage, Arabic is not just the language of the Quran and the Language of Heavens, it is the fanatic Muslim language against English which is the language of the New Conqueror; the illegitimate successor of the ancient Othman Caliphate.

Although moderate, genuine Islam had never shown signs of antagonism to languages of other nations,  Obsessive Muslim leaders who may sneak their way to the ruling offices in the troubled Arab states will, most likely, try their best to suppress English. Such people, for several years, have coined Western languages with disloyalty and colonization. This article shall attempt to provide evidence to prove consolidate its hypothesis.



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