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Almajiranci: A Challenge to National Development in Northern Nigeria


The study examined Almajiranci and its challenge to national development in northern Nigeria. Three research questions were raised and answered through descriptive survey using purely qualitative research design. The sample of the study is 44 Almajiri, their mallams, parents and community members from 2 Local Government Areas in Sokoto State. Structured interview was used for data collection, after which it was transcribed, coded and arranged in themes and sub-themes with detailed explanation. The study reveals that, Almajiris engaged in petty business and services like; nail cutting, selling potatoes, selling sugar cane, wheel-barrow services, selling perfume, shoe shiners (cobbler), selling date (dabino),  farm labour or garden work, selling of pure water, selling of ice block, roasted groundnut, upload and unload goods, selling forage, mason, labourer, carpentry, tailoring, travelled to southern Nigeria for trade, selling shoes, sewing caps, sticker and leather, which could not contribute meaningfully to national development. Therefore, people are of the opinion that Almajiri Qur’anic Education should be accompanied by formal and or vocational education for them to contribute meaningfully to public service in northern Nigeria and Sokoto state in particular, because there is no much to say about the initiatives of Almajiris in Sokoto state. A significant number of the respondents believed that Almajiris have no initiatives. The study therefore recommended that, government should integrate Almajiri education into the mainstream formal education properly and proscribe the Almajiris from roaming the streets. Alternatively, there should be government intervention to re-organize Almajiri education in Sokoto state and Northern Nigeria in general, where functional skills and knowledge are acquired.

Keywords: Almajiranci, Almajiri, Challenge, National Development, Petty Trades Formal Education.

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