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Fully Online E-Learning Model Development as an Online Learning Model during the Covid-19 Pandemic


During the Covid-19 pandemic, all teaching and learning activities at educational institutions were requested by the government to be carried out online. Therefore, there are no more learning activities carried out face-to-face in the classroom. This research was conducted to provide an overview of the online learning model in fully online e-learning with the blended learning method. By using this model, students do not need to open many platforms in carrying out learning activities. The innovation target to be achieved is the creation of an integrated online learning model in E-Learning at the Bali State Polytechnic Learning Management System. The method used in this research is development research design, starting from problem identification, model design, expert validation, and model testing. The data collected is qualitative data, namely the results of product quality assessments from experts and student responses. The data was collected by using a questionnaire, documentation, and observation. The results showed that the fully online e-learning model was feasible to be used as an online learning model. This is indicated by the results of the expert’s assessment on the material and media aspect of 4 (Good). Likewise, the results of student assessments showed an average score of 4 (Good).

Citation: Komang Sugiarta, Cening Ardina, Komang Wiratama,(2022) Fully Online E-Learning Model Development as an Online Learning Model during the Covid-19 Pandemic, International Journal of Education, Learning and Development, Vol. 10, No.1, pp.16-23


Keywords: Integrated, Learning, Model, online

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