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The Implementation of Educators’ Standards On Organizing Early Childhood Education in Kindergartens of Medan City (The Case Studies In Tk Hikmatul Fadillah, Tk Al-Warif, Tk Al-Ikhlas)


This research starts from the implementation of early childhood education implementation standards, there are still many who have not implemented it according to the standards imposed by the government. This study aims to find out: Educational qualifications for early childhood education Teachers in Medan city; and Competencies possessed by early childhood education teachers in the city of Medan. This type of research used a qualitative approach, qualitative research is an approach in conducting research oriented to natural phenomena or symptoms. The subject of this study was directed at finding data from principals, teachers, and other parties who were considered able to provide answers to research problems. Data search began with the principal in this case the principal acted as the key informant. The instrument for collecting data used consisted of: Observation; Interview; and documentation. The results showed that: Pedagogic competencies in early childhood education teachers are very important in learning activities both from formal education and non-formal education, but in reality there are still many early childhood education teachers who have pedagogical competence that is not good in students’ understanding, this can be seen as a bad category because the teacher does not understand students; planning and implementation of learning, this can be seen from the teacher does not always make the design of learning before the implementation of learning; in evaluating learning outcomes, this can be seen from teachers who are not discipline in evaluating learning outcomes; in the utilization of learning outcomes, this can be seen from the lack of students in skills because teachers who are less able to utilize the results of learning are not good (less use) because the teacher does not take advantage of learning outcomes by looking at the achievements of students. Teacher professional competency is relatively poor, where all teachers are undergraduate degrees but less relevant to their fields, have learning devices but only copy paste, apply learning with a fun learning model. Good teacher competency greatly influences the quality of learning and the quality of education.

Keywords: Competence, Early Childhood Education, standards for educators

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