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An appraisal of Heavy Metal Concentration in Soil and Selected Subterranean Animals In Olusosun Landfill, Ojota, Lagos State


As a result of the global industrial activities, contamination of the ecosystem by heavy metals has given rise to one of the most important ecological and organismic challenges. An experimental study was performed to ascertain the levels of heavy metals in soil and selected subterranean animals in dumpsites in Lagos State. One (1) kg each of four composite soil samples at a depth of 0 -15cm from the soil surface within the landfill were collected using an auger. The level of parameters such as soil pH, temperature and soil moisture content were determined. Earthworm, Maggot and Spider from each sampled soil were washed in distill water to remove soil particles. The heavy metals (Zn, Cd, Cr, Cu and Pb) were then analyzed by Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry (AAS). The result of the study showed that Pb and Cd had higher mean concentration (0.75mg/kg and 0.1mg/kg respectively) for the landfill soil sample compared to the control soil sample and subterranean animals. The result also showed that Maggot and Earthworm had higher means concentration of Zn (0.31mg/kg and 0.14mg/kg respectively) compared to the soil samples (landfill and control) and spider. The result was not statistically significant comparing the mean concentration of heavy metals on the landfill soil and the subterranean animals. Chromium (Cr) was not detected in the study. The study concluded that there is high anthropogenic influence and persistence of the heavy metals which accumulated in the environment and pose serious ecological and health challenges.

Keywords: Heavy Metals, Lagos, Landfill, Soil, animals, subterranean

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