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Levels of Heavy Metals in Blood of Electronic Technicians in Port Harcourt Metropolis, Rivers State, Nigeria


In human, blood is a body fluid that circulate over the body and transport nutrients and other substances like oxygen, hormones, waste products among others to the cells and organs. It is a dynamic component for the survival and functioning of living organisms. Thus, the levels of heavy metal in the blood of Electronic Technicians were investigated during the dry season of 2021. Forty (40) blood samples from Electronic Technicians were purposively collected with the aid of 5ml needle and syringes into EDTA bottles and placed in an ice-chest, and were taken into laboratory for further analysis of Lead (Pb), Mercy (Hg) and Arsenic (As) respectively. Non-experimental method like interview and observational technique (number of years, age and marital status) were also utilized. The Flame Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry (AAS), Descriptives Statistics, Single Factor analysis of variance (ANOVA) and SPSS version 23 were used for the organization of data. Result inter-alia reveals that the mean lead (Pb) of 0.64218 ±0.9245 (mg/L) is high. The working experience range of exposure for lead (Pb) revealed further that 11-20years has the highest bioaccumulation value of 12.41mg/L followed by 1-10years having 6.65mg/L respectively. The highest mercury value in the blood of Electronic Technician in this study was 4.45mg/L for an exposure-years of 1-10years working experience while the least mercury value in the blood of Electronic Technician in this study was 0.10mg/L for an exposure-years of 41-50years working experience. The value of arsenic in the blood of Electronic Technicians from 11-12years of experience had the highest value of bioaccumulation of 8.47mg/L followed by1-10years which recorded 3.02mg/L.  These values of lead, mercury and arsenic as observed in this study serves as risks factors to the recipient’s health status since they are of higher values to the reference factor. Thus, electronic technician should undergo intensive medical attention to ascertain their health status with heavy metal. Both government and nongovernmental agencies should create sensitization and awareness campaign on the need for the utilization of personal protective devices at work environment no matter the nature of the small and medium-scale enterprises.

Keywords: Exposure rate, Heavy Metal, bio-accumulation, bio-availability, electronic technician blood, serum

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