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Conservation Implications of Firewood Business in Makurdi Metropolis, Benue State, North Central, Nigeria


The study examined conservation implications of firewood business in Makurdi metropolis, Benue State, North Central, Nigeria. Four research objectives and four research question guided the study using a descriptive survey design. A random sample size of 50 firewood sellers of 5 markets drawn from population of all the 8 major markets in the study area was used for the study using a structured Firewood Business and Conservation Implication Questionnaire (FWBCIQ). The study revealed that early and late adult females were into firewood business in the study area and lowest income earning people in the area occupying the bottom rung of the social ladder. The study revealed that Prosopsis Africana and Terminalia avicennioides are the most used wood species for firewood business. The study showed that firewood harvesters use the most destructive techniques of collecting firewood for sale in the study area. The also revealed consequences of firewood business that it brings soil erosion. The study revealed that firewood harvesting and marketing are activities undertaken on small scale, using mainly family labour and family resource fields. Therefore, the study was recommended that (i) The agencies in charge of conservation such as Federal Environmental protection Agency (FEPA), Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources (FMANR), and State Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) should be set up to ensure that firewood sellers and buyers obey conservation laws in order to protect wood species especially the critically endangered species such as Prosopsis Africana and Terminalia avicennioides. (ii) Governments should provide alternative sources of energy for domestic use such as biogas fuel and solar energy. They should likewise provide job opportunities for both formal and non-formal educated citizens in the society in order to prevent them from venturing into firewood business. (iii) Poverty alleviation programmes should be embarked upon at the local government and community levels so as to improve the socio-economic status of residents of the study area. (iv) Also, to ensure balance and effective utilization of forest resources and attain environmental sustainability, massive awareness should be created particularly, at the grassroots about the adverse effects of over exploitation on the environment.

Keywords: Benue State, Conservation, Implication, Makurdi metropolis, Nigeria, firewood business, north Central

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