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Evaluation of Architectural and Other Safety Measures Against Bomb Blasts in Market: An Avenue to Improve Security in Nigeria


Nigerian markets have been facing the problem of bomb blasts and they occur mostly in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) and northern part of the country. Thus, conducting a research in FCT market became necessary, since it is located in Nigeria; the aim was to evaluate the architectural and other safety measures against bomb blasts in the market, in order to generate guidelines to improve security in Nigeria. 419 sales points were studied and questionnaires were administered to 419 buyers in the market via random sampling method, in order to obtain the primary research data. Focus group discussions that were made up of five buyers were organised in conjunction with direct observation schedule in the market to also obtain the primary research data. The secondary research data were gotten from the reviews of relevant literatures to this study. Tables and photographs were used to analyse the data of this research. Among the findings from this research are: there are no adequate architectural design against bomb blasts in the market, and the vehicles that are gaining access into the market are not well checked against bomb blasts. Among the recommended guidelines are: adequate architectural design against bomb blasts should be provided in Nigerian markets, and the security personnel should be properly checking the incoming vehicles against bomb blasts in markets in Nigeria.

Keywords: Guidelines, Nigeria, Security, bomb blasts, markets

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