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Impact of Globalization on the Economic Development of Nigeria


This research aims to investigate the effects of globalization on Nigeria’s economic development. Globalization has helped Nigeria, a developing nation, compete with other established nations, according to various opinions on its effects, both positive and negative. The study’s goal was to determine the impact of globalization on the Nigerian economy. The researcher consequently evaluated the body of studies on how globalization has affected Nigeria’s economic progress. Thus, the notions of globalization and development, as well as various aspects of Nigeria’s development, are critically analyzed, as is the effect of globalization on the global economy. The outcome showed that all traditional economic development factors, including private investment, public investment, and debt series, as well as indicators of economic integration (trade openness and financial integration), were non-stationary. The study also proved that trade openness significantly boosted Nigeria’s economy. However, at a 10% threshold of importance, the effect of financial integration on the economy is negligible. The study came to the conclusion that if Nigeria’s economy completely integrated with the rest of the globe, it would gain more from globalization. Therefore, the report advocated for the elimination of all restrictions on commerce and money flow. The growth of the Nigerian economy to keep up with globalization is recommended based on analysis of the effects of globalization on economic development. It was therefore deduced that “if appropriate measures are not implemented, Nigeria may not participate in this process, leading to the globalization of poverty rather than wealth”.

Keywords: Development, Economic, Globalization, Impact

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