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Analysis of Human Development of Kenya


Kenya, like many other countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America, still has problems with poverty, inequality, health, education, and environmental concerns, all of which limit its capacity for full human progress. The aim of this study was to analyse the human development of Kenya using the HDI index. HDI is a composite measurement of human well-being that includes data on life expectancy, income, and education. This study specifically analyzed the trends in HDI of Kenya since 2012 to 2022 and compared it with other countries in East African Community. A multidimensional concept was investigated using both qualitative and quantitative approaches. The research of human development was concentrated on Kenya and the countries of the East Africa Community, basing on secondary data from existing Governmental and Non-Governmental publications. The geometric mean of the normalised indices for life expectancy, GNI, and education makes up the HDI. The life expectancy at birth is used to evaluate the health dimension, while the mean number of years spent in school for persons 25 years and older and the anticipated number of years spent in school for young children are used to evaluate the education dimension. The measure of the standard of life is the gross national income per person. Kenya is a country with a medium level of human development, ranked 152nd out of 189 nations in 2022 with HDI of 0.598. A number of factors, including inequalities, influence the HID in Kenya. The results of this analysis highlight Kenya’s accomplishments in terms of human development over the previous ten years. Kenya had the highest HDI score in East African Community, followed by Tanzania and Uganda. For the recommendation the policymakers and stakeholders can apply these findings to design targeted strategies and policies that address regional differences, promote gender equality, and further boost human development in Kenya and East African Community.

Keywords: Analysis, Human development, Kenya

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