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Recommendations Developing the Sustainable Food Value Chain of the Agricultural Sector in Dong Nai Province


Vietnam’s economy is increasingly integrated into the international economy. The key economic sectors in which agriculture is assessed will have many favorable opportunities for development. However, in order not to fall behind, the agricultural sector must rapidly develop the value chain. Moreover, the “4 houses” link in modern agricultural production is claimed to be the best one at present. The most important issue: what farmers produce, where to sell, how the price is the only satisfactory answer when there is clarification of roles and responsibilities of each house in the linkage. The role of “role play” is also intended to promote the overall strength of the link. There are 4 main factors: Government (State), Scientist, Enterprises and Farmer are the four main factors of linkages in agricultural production. In particular, the State is “the leader”, the engine of the link. Enterprises play the important role to link the remaining “4 houses” to form the raw material production area; Input support and product procurement for farmers; step by step to build brand name of agricultural products. The study results showed that there were 400 persons who include: 200 managers of enterprises, 170 farmers, 30 experts related to agricultural sector in Dong Nai province who interviewed and answered about 17 questions. The Data collected from June 2016 to April 2017. This study had been analyzed Cronbach’s Alpha testing, KMO testing and the result of KMO testing used for the multiple regression. Persons’ responses measured through an adapted questionnaire on a 5-point Likert scale. The Data processed by SPSS 20.0. In addition, four components affecting the sustainable food value chain development with significance level 5 percent and then the researchers have recommendations developing the sustainable food value chain of the agricultural sector in Dong Nai province.

Keywords: Development and LHU, Farmer, Food, Value Chain

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