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Space as an Element of Design in Housing Development in Akure, Nigeria


Economic imperatives call for prudent management of space for housing development in Akure, the state capital of Ondo State. There are technical options for environmental designers to manipulate available land space for considerable housing infrastructure. Innovation and renovation will be remedial components as a result of unending pressure and demand for land space use for housing development and shelter. The problem of the study is premised around the high demand of land space for housing development in the face of limited supply of the available land space. Akure is a fast-growing sate capital but land itself is limited in supply to those who persistently scramble for it for one development or the other. This calls for jam-packed and harphazard erection of buildings in the study area. The aim looked at the structure put in place for housing development in the state with a view to appraising the trend of space utilization. As objectives, categories of buildings were identified while plot allocation sizes and the state of the space for access purposes was assessed. Questionnaire was used to elicit information from respondents in the study area. Findings showed that high density areas and the suburbs do not have the same building forms and spaces. It equally showed that rented accommodations are choked up in high density areas where the common citizens live. It was recommended that government should open up more layouts and adequate access roads for housing development in the city.


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