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Effect of planning on Housing Development in Enugu State


The importance of good policy formulation and detailed implementation cannot be overemphasized as it aid proper planning for developmental purposes, it is on this note that effective planning is crucial to housing development. The central objective of this is to examine the effect of planning on housing development in Enugu state, Nigeria. The study make use of descriptive research design while data were sourced using both primary and secondary data with the help of questionnaire which was distributed among 90 staff of Enugu state Economic Planning Commission, Enugu state Ministry of Land and Urban Development and Enugu State Housing Development Corporation. The data obtained were analyzed using table and lines, the result shows that effective planning bring about the following in housing development: Organized and Sustainable Growth, Infrastructure Development, Affordable Housing, Improved Housing Standards, Reduced Informal Settlements, Preservation of Cultural Heritage, Environmental Protection and Traffic Management. The result further identify challenges confronting effective planning on housing development, these include: Lack of Political Will, Inadequate Financial Resources, Land Availability and Acquisition, Bureaucratic Red Tape, Community Opposition and NIMBYism, Infrastructure Limitations, Environmental Concerns, Lack of Expertise and Capacity, Corruption and Mismanagement and Social and Cultural Considerations. The study recommended the need for cooperation between the government, developers, and the community to curb these challenges.

Keywords: Development, Enugu State, Housing, Nigeria, Planning

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