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Comparing the Effects of Formalin and Chloroform Inhalation on the Liver of Adult Male Wistar Rat


Staff and students working in medical laboratories especially in anatomy department are constantly exposed to chloroform and formalin inhalation. This work is designed to compare the effect of formalin and chloroform inhalation on the liver of adult male Wistar rats. Twenty-one male rats were randomly separated into 3 groups of 7 rats each. Group A had food and water only. Groups B and C were exposed to chloroform and formalin for 5 minutes daily for 2 weeks respectively. Animals were sacrificed on the 15th day and blood and liver tissue were collected for liver function enzymes and histological studies respectively. Our result showed that inhaling formalin and chloroform has negative health implications on the liver which could also adversely affect rat metabolism. We therefore recommend that those constantly exposed to these chemicals take proactive steps in regular detoxification and healthy diet.


Keywords: Anatomage, Chloroform, Inhalation, Liver, formalin

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