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Human Resource Management and Employee Performance in Health Centers in Juba City


The study looks at how human resource management affects employee performance. It focused on investigating the relationship between employee performance in health facilities and motivation, recruitment, and performance appraisal. Three separate health centers in Juba City were used to conduct the study. The study used a descriptive research design the target population was all 60 staff working at the headquarters of the health centers in Juba City. Stratified random sampling was used to select the target population. The sample size of this study was therefore 52 staff. Primary data was used, and it was collected through the use of semi-structured questionnaires. The questionnaire generated both qualitative and quantitative data. Qualitative data was analyzed by using correlation and regression analysis, and the results were presented in table form. Qualitative and quantitative data were examined using inferential and descriptive statistics, as well as statistical software known as the Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS), version 25.0. Descriptive statistics comprised percentages and frequencies, as well as regression and correlation analysis results. It was discovered that a company can only be as effective as its people, as employee performance is the most important component in determining an organization’s success. This study looks into how HRM affects worker performance in healthcare institutions, with a focus on how important recruitment, performance reviews, and motivation are to the success of a business. Better individual performance has the potential to improve organizational performance. A strategy for continuous performance improvement and a work environment that is relevant are necessary. This should be the top priority for human resource managers. Beyond health centers, future studies should include parts of human resource practice as well as private and public health centers.


Keywords: Employee Productivity, Human Resource Management, employee efficiency, performance appraisal employee performance

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