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A Profound Study of Trait Emotional Intelligence and Life Satisfaction among Native of Pakistan and Afghan Migrants


The Main objective of the study is to examine the difference between trait emotional intelligence and life satisfaction among natives and Afghan migrants. The Sample of present  cross-sectional study is comprised of 200 male and female (Refugees =100 Natives = 100) of ages 30 to 40 years. The mean age 34.75 and SD is 2.83.  sample of the study was selected from refugee Baluchistan by applied   systematic random sampling technique. The measures used, are: Personal Information form, “Trait Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire-Short Form (TEIQue-SF; Petrides, & Furnham, 2006), and Satisfaction with Life (SWLS; Diener, Emmons, Larsen, & Grifin, 1985).”Results showed that there is a significant difference in emotional intelligence of natives and migrants (t = -3.355, df =, 198; p< .05) but there is no significant difference in life satisfaction of natives and Afghan migrants (t = 1.782, df =, 198; p > .05).  Findings of the present result revealed that Afghan migrants living in Pakistan can easily adjust anywhere throughout the world because they are emotionally intelligent therefore they have high adaptation qualities an can easily adopt any environment due to this they can resolve their mental health issue.

Keywords: Mental Health, Trait emotional intelligence, life satisfaction, natives and Afghan migrants.

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