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The Influence of Competitive Strategies on the Performance of Commercial Banks


Since business environment is dynamic, firms need to review their competitive strategies on periodic basis. The review is necessary to ensure that firms only invest in the strategies that can make their business improve performance. Following this requirement, this Thesis was investigating the effects of competitive strategies on performance of commercial banks. Specifically, the study focused on the effect of innovative products, technology, corporate social responsibility, staff training, and branch network on the performance of commercial banks. The Research was conducted through a descriptive survey which was aimed at determining the factors affecting the performance of commercial banks in Kenya. The study consisted of a census targeting 54 top managers at the head offices representing 18 commercial banks. The study made use of primary data. Primary data collected using structured questionnaires which were administered to the management of banking industry. Collected data was analyzed using descriptive statistics and multiple linear regression hypotheses will be tested using 5% level of significance. This was used to determine the relationship between independent and dependent variables. The results were presented using tables, graphs and charts. Statistical program for social sciences (SPSS) version 19 was used for data analysis. From the study, the researcher concludes that innovative products, technology (ICT), CSR, staff training and branch network are all key determinants of the performance of commercial banks. The correlation coefficients obtained shows that there is a positive relationship between the dependent variable (performance of commercial banks) and the independents variables (innovative products, technology, staff training, and branch network). The correlations further reveal that performance in commercial banks is highly influenced by staff training, ICT and innovative products compared to all the other variables. Therefore the researcher concludes that training of the staff; improved technology and innovation of new products are the Key contributors to the performance of commercial banks in Kenya




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