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New Trends in the Ahwiaa Wood Carving Industry in Ghana: Implications for Art Education and Socio-Economic Growth


Asantes in Ghana are noted for their expertise in variety of specialized visual arts such as wood carving. Ahwiaa wood carving industry has developed; though production techniques have remained stereotype. Tools have greatly remained simple, materials the same, variations in form have not changed much and conventional treatment has not promoted creativity and originality, yet some new trends, new approaches are noticeable today. At present, globalization, trade, education, religion, changes in societal values and cultural practices, political and economic challenges, technology, trade (commerce), knowledge explosion have generated new approaches in the Ahwiaa wood carving industry. Besides, no organized documentation has been done on the Ahwiaa wood carving industry, so that the researchers almost always have to rely on oral tradition as a source of information from wood carvers. The researchers employed the qualitative descriptive method to carry out the study. The data were collected using interviews and observation. The researchers found out that the tools used are simple tools made by the local blacksmith which are sharpened and maintained by oiling and storing after use. The main material is wood, formerly acquired by felling special trees from the forest. Today, the log for carving is bought from Timber contractors. The carving of an item follows specific processes, according to tradition. Women were prevented from carving in the past; today women are free to carve if they so wish. The researchers recommend that School of Business, departments of Sculpture and Integrated Rural Art and Industry at KNUST should organize workshops for carvers at Ahwiaa and introduce them to modern wood carving technologies, entrepreneurial skills and business strategies to equip them to promote tourism and socio-economic development of Ghana as well as their personal development

Keywords: Socio-economic development., Technology, Trade, Tradition, Visual Art, Wood Carving

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