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Migration, Remittance and Its Consequences at the Household Level in Agrarian Nepal


Migration has historically been a feature of all societies. Over the decades, labor migration seeking employment has been a major revenue source for Nepali youth. This study aims to explore migration patterns, remittances flow, and consequences of foreign labor migration in agrarian Nepali households. The empirical analysis revealed that low individual income, a lack of employment prospects, poor economic conditions of the migrants, non-existence of social assistance, child education, social prestige, and a desire for property accumulation were the causes of migration in the study area. As a result, increased labor wages, family labor shortage for farming, less use of farmyard manure, a preference for farm machinery, decreased crop production, abandoned livestock rearing, and less use of local seed were the consequences of foreign labor migration in agricultural household practices. These findings will aid in developing policies related to labor migration and its consequences on agriculture.


Keywords: Causes, Consequences, Migration, Remittance, foreign labor

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