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The Research Sector: Towards A Social Economy & Political Paradigm of the Future


Through investing in government funded research, to establish public owned patents in new areas of technological development and scientific inquiry, the wealth of an individual nation can prosper, as these goods cannot be mass produced by other countries cheaper. This, in a global environment ensures the economic prosperity, political sovereignty, educational freedom, flourishing of the job market and value of exports; the research directed economy is a blueprint for how to run the county at a profit for the people, not a loss.This thesis presents a left-wing socialism based perspective and also separately as a right-wing political ideology and social policy as well as humanism based Neo-Modernism can be adapted easily to either style of state apparatus. The rest of this article will therefore consist of an investigation into the nature of humanism as a sociopolitical doctrine of progress and how neomodernism is a potential future embodiment of positive human ideals deeply rooted in humanism only reinvented in a new more evolved form than traditional populist political perspectives, bridging the gap between the ‘open’ and ‘closed’ forms of democratic society.


Keywords: neo-left political economy, neo-modern humanism, neo-right political economy, neomodern political paradigm, neomodern research economy, public owned patents

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