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Basically, about 80% of the total populations of Borno State are rural based. One of the major problems facing Borno State Local Governments today is the fact that the vast rural areas need urgent socio-economic development so that the bulk of the population might be kept happy in their abodes. Administrative Efficiency at the local government level will facilitate rural development which will adequately check the influx of the skilled and unskilled manpower from these rural areas to the urban centers. To accomplish this, good local governance through proper execution of rural projects that will provide the rural population with employment opportunities, education, recreation and leisure, security, health and the like are very essential. Therefore, the paper argued that the allegations from the public that local government have not been performing very well in service delivery and being described as centres of sharing money is a problem of administrative efficiency and effectiveness. The paper revealed that the nature of state-local government relations in Borno State in most cases is impacting negatively on local administrative efficiency thereby rendering service delivery ineffective. In practice local government in most states of the federation including Borno State is not recognized as third tier of government but local administration. They operate as an extension of state ministry because they lack autonomy in line with the presidential system of government. The paper therefore, recommended among others that relationship between State-Local Government Relations should be build on mutual cooperation and respect to see themselves as equal partners in progress; and also proper consultation of community members should be encouraged before formulation and execution of community projects

Keywords: Borno State, Effectiveness, Efficiency, Local government Administration, Nigeria

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