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Influence of Peter Obi’s Media Engagement On 2022 Voters Registration Among the Youths of Nkanu West L.G.A Enugu State


This study investigates the “Influence of Peter Obi’s Media Engagement on 2022 Voter’s Registration among the Youths in Nkanu West LGA of Enugu State”. In conducting this work, four research objectives were raised. Among these objectives are; to ascertain the extent to which youths in Nkanu West LGA were exposed to Peter Obi’s media engagement; to find out the extent to which Peter Obi’s media engagement influenced the knowledge level of youths on the voter’s registration and to also determine the extent to which Peter Obi’s media engagement influence the attitude of youths on voters’ registration. Relevant materials were reviewed and theories of Agenda Setting and Social Judgment were use as theoretical framework for this research work. Survey research method was used to investigate the variables in this work using the instrumentality of questionnaire. After the analysis, finding showed that the youth of Nkanu West LGA were greatly exposed (90%) to Peter Obi’s media engagement. It was also found that 60% of the Youths have a good knowledge of Peter Obi’s media engagement and the result also showed that the Peter Obi media engagement influenced their behaviour. Based on these findings, it was recommended among others that the political candidates should embrace the media engagement especially social media for successive political campaigns that grants the electorate the interactive opportunity with the political candidates. Also, the government should think of regulating the operations of media. Also, it is pertinent for the media and INEC to introduce strategies that will enhance the effectiveness of the media in enlightening and sensitizing the electorate so as to positively change their perception of the influence of political candidate on voter registration exercise.

Keywords: 2022 voters’ registration, Enugu State, Nkanu West L.G.A, Peter Obi’s media engagement, Youths

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