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The Specificity of the Error Element in Civil Liability for Companies Dealing in Foreign Stock Exchanges


Jordanian companies deal in the foreign stock exchanges and taking into account the interests of customers require special attention from the legislator, as it is one of the most important transactions that are characterized by modernity, which need specialized legal studies due to the difficulty and complexity of these transactions and the very high risks they face due to their nature, these companies may violate the laws and regulations and the obligations they dictate and cause serious harm to investors in the absence of technical parity between the parties to the contract and in the absence of model contracts. It protects the parties alike, and also the nature of serious risks in trading imposes the question of error as a pillar in the civil responsibility of companies dealing in foreign stock exchanges because of its privacy stemming from the regulatory nature of the obligations of companies dealing in foreign exchanges, taking into consideration that these companies are professional for this work and have a technical privilege, as well as have control that enables them to intervene in trading operations in the event of a breach of their obligations, and a conflict of interest may occur at times. Especially if the ownership of the local and foreign intermediary is for the same legal person.From this point of view and as a result of the danger of trading in foreign stock exchanges and because of its impact on economic and social security in the Kingdom, it was necessary to search for the corner of error and a statement of its privacy.

Keywords: foreign intermediary, foreign stock exchanges, local intermediary

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