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The Role of Proof of Written Vice Electronic Documents: A Study of the Laws of Jordan and the United Arab Emirates


Proof of document means that a document is required to be produced and proved according to law to be called evidence. Whether such evidence is relevant, irrelevant, admissible or inadmissible, is a matter of trial. Every piece of documentation can make a difference in supporting your case. It is crucial to proving the case to ensure that as much evidence as possible is gathered and detailed records are well maintained. Don’t wait till it’s too late. Electronic document (e-document) refers to any transactional document which is exchanged between trading partners in an electronic format and manner. Distinct from PDF or image files, e-documents are machine readable and typically exchanged via software or online platforms rather than email. E-documents are generally characterized by authenticity, accuracy, integrity, and accessibility. Project documentation, minutes of meetings, emergency plans, and inspection reports are all examples of records. Good written records are accurate, written in plain English with no jargon, and contain all relevant information. For the importance role of documents in proof before the courts and other dispute settlement tribunal in civil and commercial disputes. Documentation plays a crucial role in legal proceedings.  It can be used as evidence to support your case and prove claims. In order for documentation to be admissible in court, it must be relevant, authentic, and have been obtained legally. This paper focuses on evaluating the equivalence between official and electronic documents in proof in both, the laws of Jordan and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The differences in legislators’ situation from the equivalences between official and electronic documents are examined. This study followed Analytical methodology approach represented in analyzing the governing texts, judicial rulings, and jurisprudential opinions. In the conclusion the study finds many differences in legislature’s situations in cogency and power between written and electronic documents. This study thus offers recommendations with some essential modifications.


Keywords: electronic document, non-official document, official document, transaction law

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