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Head: A Perfect Storm: Covid-19, Snap Elections, and Archaic Legal Framework


The Covid-19 pandemic has tremendous implications for democracy worldwide. Emergency measures undertaken to combat the pandemic tend to demonstrate a trade-off between public health and fundamental democratic principles. The Caribbean is not immune from this. This paper examines how Covid-19, and the calling of a snap election in Barbados scheduled for January 19, 2022, when combined with archaic election rules, led to serious implications for the conduct of the election, specifically regarding the ability of citizens to vote. The paper is divided into five sections, beginning with an introductory section. The second section examines the implications of Covid-19 for democratic participation. The third section explores the legal framework for the conduct of elections in Barbados and the limitations of that legal framework. The penultimate section discusses the implications of the snap election for electoral participation and electoral integrity. The paper ends on the need for electoral reform in the country.

Citation: Cynthia Barrow-Giles and Rico Yearwood (2022) Head- A Perfect Storm- Covid-19, Snap Elections, and Archaic Legal Framework, Global Journal of Politics and Law Research, Vol.10, No.4, pp.40-57

Keywords: Barbados, COVID-19, Constitution, Democracy, Elections, Electoral and Boundaries Commission (EBC)

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