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Post Covid 19 Economy in Nigeria: The Role of Law for Sustainable Economic Development


Covid-19 otherwise known as Corona virus has impacted negatively on global economy and it may take time for nations of the world to come out of economic depression occasioned by the pandemic. This paper qualitatively identifies the roles of laws in post covid 19 economic recoveries.  Specifically, the article seeks to asses the degree with which law promotes economic sustainability in the areas of banking & Finance, dispute resolution, energy, infrastructure, insurance and transportation. It also examines the extent to which economic growth might be affected if laws are not clearly defined, made public and applied in a consisten manner. Provision and application of legal frameworks in these key areas of the economy will trigger quick recovery and stabilize it for future growth. It was recommended among others that more laws should be enacted to provide additional lending authority for certain Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs) so as to boost the post COVID-19 economy in the country; loans and advances should be given to agricultural enterprises to speed up more supply of food to the economy.


Keywords: COVID-19, Economic Development, Sustainability, law and legal framework

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