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Identification of Supporting and Inhibiting Factors of Bumdes (Village-Owned Enterprises) Village Development Planning In Sukarame District Garut


Sukarame village has a good productive field either for wet or dry agriculture, producer of fresh water and home industries products, and the center of agricultural products broker. In tourism, the existence of lake is like an embryo for tourism place in Sukarame village. Besides that, the potential of spring water natural resource  and the green village atmosphere in Sukarame can be used by BUMDes (Village-owned Enterprises) for the industry development. The BUMDes (Village-owned Enterprises) of Sukarame Village has not been maximally managed in professional way and has not been able to give the optimal contribution to the income of village treasury or PADes. The villagers’ economic development  is still slow. The core of those problems is the non optimal planning process of BUMDes (Village-owned Enterprises) of Sukarame Village.In this research, the writers use qualitative method with field study approach. The writers use theory from James A.F. Stoner about planning steps. In collecting data, the writers held the observation, in-depth interview, Focus Group Discussion (FGD), interpretation approach, and literature review. In validity test, the writers use triangulation technique with check, re-check, and cross check for the data gained from theory, methodology, and writer perception. The result shows that the conducive leadership is needed so that it can give the strong effect to the trust formation of the administrators and employees to the Village Chief of BUMDes (Village-owned Enterprises) Sukarame. Furthermore, a shared commitment. The BUMDes (Village-owned Enterprises) of Sukarame Village commitment belongs together so that all the managers and the employees take care of BUMDes (Village-owned Enterprises) with a good sense of belonging. While the inhibiting factor is the human resources. The employees in BUMDes (Village-owned Enterprises) Sukamaju Village need to be improved in skill and potential through training and technical assistance. In addition, the better supervising of the employees’ work of BUMDes (Village-owned Enterprises) is needed. Another inhibiting factor is inconsistent goals. The goal of BUMDes (Village-owned Enterprises) is to improve the economic level of villagers but the it has not been able to be achieved considering that BUMDes (Village-owned Enterprises) Sukarame village has to be able to provide more contribution to the rural income so the business fields in BUMDes (Village-owned Enterprises) Sukamaju Village has not led to the improvement of villagers’ creativity that supports the improvement of local economy.

Keywords: : Identification of Supporting and Inhibiting factors, BUMDes (Village-owned Enterprises) Development Planning

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