Global Journal of Pure and Applied Chemistry Research (GJPACR)

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Global Journal of Pure and Applied Chemistry Research (GJPACR)

Vol 8, Issue 1, 2020

Synthesis and Characterization of Zeolite Y from Akilbenza Clay: Effect of Crystallization Time

Keywords: Akilbenza clay, dealuminated metakaolinite, metakaolinite, zeolite Y

Article Pages: 1-22


Natural Products Chemistry: A Pathway for Drugs Discovery

Keywords: Chemistry, Drug, Microorganisms, Natural products, metabolism, plant

Article Pages: 23-34


Formalin Content of Three Iced Fish Species (Mackerel, Horse Mackerel and Sadinella) Consumed In Calabar, Nigeria

Keywords: Calabar, Concentration, Consumption, formalin, iced fish

Article Pages: 46-52


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Print ISSN: 2055-0073
Online ISSN: 2055-0081
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