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Measuring HR Analytics Application and HR Analytics Competencies of HR Professionals: Towards Operationalization from Conceptualization


Human Resource (HR) analytics plays a crucial role in bridging the gap between subjective and objective HR practices, revealing that HR decisions are not solely based on theory and applications but also on numerical evidence. Assessing the extent of HR analytics applications helps management understand “where we are” and “where to go” in terms of HR analytics practices. However, the adoption of HR analytics doesn’t happen automatically; there must be internal motivating factors within the organization. One key factor is the HR analytics competency of HR professionals, which significantly boosts the application of HR analytics. Therefore, evaluating the competencies of HR professionals helps them gauge “where am I” and “what areas should I focus on mastering” in terms of HR analytics competencies. This article introduces two instruments for measuring HR analytics applications in the organization and the HR analytics competency of HR professionals, utilizing a 5-point Likert scale measurement. The validity and reliability of these instruments are ensured, and the measurements are developed based on a combination of literature findings and the researchers’ insights. These two sets of instruments are anticipated to assist organizations and HR professionals in gauging their respective levels of HR analytics application and competencies.

Keywords: Competencies, Conceptualization, HR Analytics, operationalization

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