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Information and Communication Technology on Human Resource Performance in Nigeria Port Authority (NPA)


This study investigates information and communication technology and human resources performance in Nigeria Port Authority, Lagos State. To achieve the objectives of the study, a descriptive survey was used. Primary data was collected using a closed ended structured questionnaire. The population for this study comprised of the entire staffs of Nigeria Port Authority in Lagos State which was 455 while the sample size it’as 216, this was determined with the application of Taro Yamane formulae n Ni —N (e) 2 The questionnaire was administered personally by the researcher for data collection, out 216 questionnaires administered, 162 responses and only 150 responses was used for the analysis resulting in a response rare of 69 percent which was considered as a sufficient representation of the organization. The study findings revealed that majority of the respondents agreed thcit there is a relationship between information and communication technology and human resources performance aid has higher strong positive ef/ct of .156 (.057), .667 (.000) and .771 (.000) at =0 respectively. Based on the fIndings, the researcher recommends that the management of Nigeria Port Authority should provide internet facilities to all their employees irrespective of the department. This is to ensure smooth and effective information to their clients be at home and abroad. Thus enable them performs better on the job to meet customer service satisfactorily. The study also recommends that for Nigeria Ports Authority (NPA,) to remain profitable by enhancing their asset base through sensitization oft/ic customers, they should app/v both mobile and internet networking from the comfort of their seats at home in order to reduce longer queues usually seen at the port. As the results showed, higher profitability is positivly related to high rate of ICT use.


Keywords: human resources performance. information technology. Nigeria Port Authority

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