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Management Misplacement and Corporate Sustainability Among Selected Manufacturing Firms in Cross River State, Nigeria


Nigeria’s manufacturing industry has suffered from a lack of sustained business sustainability. The country’s manufacturers have been accused of mismanagement mishap. Therefore, this study explored the phenomenon of management misplacement and corporate sustainability among selected manufacturing firms in Cross River State, Nigerian. Through mixed-methods research design, valuable insights have been gained regarding the causes, effects, and key factors influencing management misplacement and corporate sustainability. The findings reveal that management misplacement occurs due to factors such as ineffective talent management practices, biases in decision-making, and a lack of alignment between individual competencies and managerial roles. It has been observed that management misplacement negatively affects organizational performance, employee morale, productivity, and long-term sustainability. The study recommends that organizations should strengthen talent management practices, foster leadership development, promote a culture of meritocracy and accountability, align organizational goals and individual competencies and continuously monitor and evaluate.


Keywords: Management Misplacement, Talent management, corporate sustainability, employee morale.

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