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Diversity Management and Its Challenges for 21stcentury Managers: Systematic Literature Review and Future Research


The aim of the article is to understand the diversity management and its Challenges for managers in 21stcentury to manage and value diversity within organizations/institutions. Globalization has a very big influence on the diversity management these days, both directly and indirectly. This study was based on a systematic review of 25 journal articles presented on the concerned topic. It was divided into three main parts: the review describes benefits of diversity management in today’s globalization, manager’s role in managing and valuing diversity and workforce diversity management and its biggest challenge for 21stcentury managers so as to playing the role in the diverse management. According to the finding of this systematic review, it is pertinent to note that, there are some emerging issues in workforce diversity, which include multicultural task environment, existence of large talent pool used for creating and innovation, inter-functional coordination, complexity and discrimination at work. These issues are brought to bear through globalization, outsourcing and retaining different talented human capital in organizations. Organization should have a framework for workplace diversity management; optimally allocating resources to create a diverse workforce for productivity and excellent performance. Besides giving insight about diversity management and its challenges for 21stmanagers, the purpose of this systematic review is to provide information for the potential researchers about basic aspects of diversity management and challenges for modern public managers in 21stcentury by providing discussions, limitations of the previous literature and some suggestions to the future researchers.

Citation:  Hordofa D.N. (2022) Diversity Management and Its Challenges for 21stcentury Managers: Systematic Literature Review and Future Research, Global Journal of Human Resource Management, Vol.10, No.6, pp.32-48

Keywords: Diversity Management, Ethiopia, Globalization, Nekemte, Oromia, Workplace Diversity, challenges for 21st managers

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