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Influence of Strategic Human Resource Development on Performance of High Schools in Busia Sub-County, Kenya


Strategic human resource development (HRD) has been emphasised as a key contributor to ensuring organisational effectiveness and the maximum return from their most important asset; the people. Organisations that are seeking not only to survive, but to maximise operational effectiveness in an ever changing environment, need to ensure that at all levels, the human resource development strategy is aligned with broader strategic imperatives, and that sufficient emphasis is placed on the human resource development function. In Kenya, Schools and other organizations sanctioned by the ministry of education have engaged their teachers in a number of development programs in form of workshops, seminars, refresher courses and in-service trainings. However, the impact of these strategic development programs has not been established. This scenario raises basic policy concerns about the influence of the strategic human resource development on the performance of the schools. The purpose of this study is to investigate the influence of SHRD on performance of high schools in Busia sub-county.The study adopted ex-post facto research design. The sample size comprised 82 teachers out of a population of 104 teachers consisting of principal, deputy principals, senior teachers and heads of department from17 high schools in Busia Sub County was arrive at using Fisher’s model as cited in (Mugenda & Mugenda, 2003. The data collected was analyzed using correlation analysis and analysis of variance. Correlation analysis showed the degree of correlation between the independent variables and the dependent variable was .550. This is interpreted as moderate. R-square showed that approximately 30.2% of the variations in KCSE mean score was attributed to variation in strategic human resource development.

Keywords: High School, Performance, Science and Mathematics, Strategic Human Resource, Sub-count

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