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Interfaith Dialogue as A Remedy to Social Instability: Ghana and Nigeria in Retrospect


The world and Africa in particular has become pluralistic such that there are many political parties, ethnic groups, cultures and religions prevaili and coexisting in such places. Many West African countries such as Ghana, Togo and Nigeria are pluralistic in nature. Citizens in the aforementioned countries find ways and means to live together peacefully despite their differences. Nonetheless, many African societies face political, ethnic, religious and social instabilities. These instabilities make relations with each other difficult. However, since religion permeates the lives of people for that matter Ghanaians and Nigerians in particular, this article argues that interfaith dialogue can serve as a remedy to social instability in Ghana and Nigeria. Using secondary data from the internet, published and unpublished works in the form of books and journal articles, this paper discusses the use of interfaith dialogue as an instrument for addressing or preventing social instability in the African society.

Keywords: Dialogue, Peace, interfaith dialogue, remedy, social instability, tolerance

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