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Juridical Review of Death Criminal for Persons of Corruption Crime


Law enforcement against criminal acts of corruption in social assistance, if it is related to the Corruption Law, is far from the expectation that Law Number 31 of 1999 concerning the Eradication of Corruption Crimes in conjunction with Law Number 20 of 2001 concerning Amendment to Law Number 31 of 1999 concerning Eradication of Corruption Crimes where in Article 2 paragraph (2) it is stated that in the case of a criminal act of corruption being committed under certain circumstances the death penalty can be imposed, but in its enforcement it is far from the expectation of the establishment of the Corruption Law. Death penalty in corruption cases should be applied in certain circumstances which can be used as a reason for criminal punishment for perpetrators of corruption, and the 2020 social assistance fund corruption crime should have met the reasons for aggravation because these funds are intended for overcoming economic and monetary crises, as well as overcoming situations danger. Indonesia in 2020 experienced an economic and monetary crisis, and the country was in a state of danger as evidenced by the large number of layoffs and limited people’s mobility, so social assistance funds were issued to overcome this.

Keywords: Corruption, Law enforcement, community mobility, econo monetary, social assistance

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